An ideal classroom makes the learning process enjoyable and effective. Colours play a pre-dominant role in creating the perfect ambience for learning and tutoring. Keeping this in mind, the two predominant colours of a unique colour scheme - Orange and Ivory has been used at our centres mostly. This colour scheme mingles in harmony to bring about the perfect synergy. Our unmatched classroom facilities ensure that all our students enjoy their sessions at Orion. Some of the highlights of our training infrastructure are:


Student Counselling Rooms

The vision of the Promoting Body is set-up a Institution with a difference. It envisages the institution to come up as a centre of excellence for training of management Professional and shaping and moulding of Business and Corporate Leaders of tomorrow.

Advanced Theory Room

Orion maintains learning spaces or theory rooms that are equipped with latest features that allow our faculties to simulate the real life scenarios in which the students learn the lessons. All these rooms are equipped with a dry erase board, projection screens, computer systems, and multi-media projectors. The room layout is very classical with individually allocated seats and satellite linked connections to conduct Master Training Sessions (MTS).


Computer Room

As technology continues to lead society's future, Orion's training content is mainly of digitized version. Hence our computer lab are well-equipped with updated computers and tablets. All computers have access to applications for word processing, spread sheets, presentations, databases, and a variety of other specialised educational applications as required for the courses respectively. Students at Orion work in these computer labs on subject-related activities, under the supervision of respective subject matter experts (SMEs).